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Tim Hortons Foundation Camps

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps represents Tim Hortons largest community investment. Established in 1974 in honour of Tim Horton's love for children, its signature programs are intentionally designed to help youth aged 12-16 from low-income homes discover the strengths existing within themselves.

Over the past four decades, the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps have supported more than 275,000 youth from disadvantaged circumstances. Through a multi-year, camp-based program, participants learn skills like leadership, resilience, and responsibility, empowering them to believe in their own potential and change their stories for the better. Attending Tim Hortons Foundation Camps comes at absolutely no cost to youth or their families.

With seven camps in North America that run year-round School and Summer Programs, youth are supported to thrive when they return home, to excel in post-secondary education, to succeed at work and to contribute positively to their communities. The impact of these programs is sustained and deepened through repeated experiences; campers are invited to return annually through their influential early teen years, where they realize the positive compounding effects of participating over time.

Tim Hortons restaurant owners and TDL Group Corp. are proud supporters of Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. Our largest fundraising initiative is Camp Day, a 24-hour period when restaurant owners donate the proceeds of all coffee sales and public donations to the Foundation. During Camp Day in 2019, owners and guests raised over 12 million CAD. In addition, funding for the Foundation comes from donations made by many valued suppliers, individual donors, and public donations collected year-round in coin boxes in each Tim Hortons restaurant.

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Timbits Minor Sports Program

Timbits Minor Sports Program

Learning a new sport, making friends and having fun is what being a kid is all about. The Timbits Minor Sports Program is a community-oriented sponsorship program that provides access and opportunities for kids aged four to nine to play house league sports in their community. Tim Hortons restaurant owners currently support more than 440,000 children to play hockey, soccer, softball and baseball across Canada and the US. The sponsorship includes jerseys, participation medals and a Timbits player gift for each player.


children are supported by Tim Hortons through the Timbits minor Sports Program across Canada and the U.S.

Smile Cookie

Everyone loves a smiling chocolate chunk cookie – especially when it’s for a good cause. Every September, through this unique program, Tim Hortons restaurant owners sell special Smile Cookies for a full week in September, and donate 100% of the proceeds to local charities, hospitals, and community programs.


raised a record $10 million CAD in just one week for 550+ Charities, Hospitals and Community Groups in Canada and the U.S.

Tim Hortons first launched a local Smile Cookie campaign in 1996 to help raise funds for the Hamilton’s Children Hospital in Ontario by local restaurant owners. The now national 2019 Smile Cookie campaign raised a record $10 million dollars Canadian in just one week for more than 550 charities, hospitals and community groups in Canada and the US.

Smile Cookie

Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership

Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership

The Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership was established in 2005, with a goal of improving the lives of coffee farmers, their families and the entire community within the regions where we source coffee for Tim Hortons. Its philosophy is consistent with the brand's long history of giving back to communities. Through the Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership, small holder farmers are empowered to build their businesses with improved agricultural practices and entrepreneurship skills.


Coffee farmers have been supported through the Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership

As of 2018, THCP has worked with over 14,000 farmers and their families, of which 3000 farmers are women, resulting in over 28000 hectares of land under sustainable management in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras. In addition, over 3000 youth in coffee growing communities across the Trifinio tri-border region of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have been reached through the Generations program where they gained exposure and skills training in a broad array of local career opportunities.

By 2022, Tim Hortons will reach an additional 3,000 farmers, and contribute to measurable improvements in farmer livelihoods through the expansion of farmer training programs.