Talent Development

Talent Development

Talent Development - Corporate Employees

Across all of our brands we foster a single culture built on empowerment, accountability, and meritocracy, that drives us towards achieving our Big Dream of building the most loved restaurant brands in the world. By encouraging people to move through the organization across brands and geographies, as well as providing training and responsibilities that broaden their leadership capabilities, we quickly and effectively develop talent across the business. Ultimately this enables our people to fulfill their personal career goals while we pursue our Big Dream together.

Global Talent Development Programs

In an increasingly competitive job market and in order to remain an employer of choice, we recognize the importance of recruiting and retaining top talent. Through our globally recognized full-time and intern programs, we seek to hire top-performing and hard-working graduates and undergraduates that share our company culture and values. We also actively seek to bring in the best talent from outside these programs as well.
The following programs are offered at our Restaurant Support Centers and are critical in supporting the future talent pipeline for the company:

The Leadership Development Program offers new college or university graduates the opportunity to participate in a multi-functional rotational program which gives exposure to our business both in-restaurant and in the corporate offices. Program participants gain both hands-on experience and key skills they need to set them up for success as future leaders of the company.

The MBA Leadership Program provides successful applicants with opportunities to pursue flexible career paths and explore growth potential at Restaurant Brands International. After completing their onboarding, MBAs jump right into real high-impact roles where they have exposure to leadership teams and take personal ownership of business-critical, major-scale challenges.

Summer Internships are also available in both programs for undergraduates and MBAs, respectively, who are still in school. Once they graduate, interns may be invited into the full Leadership Development or MBA Leadership programs.

Learning from the Front Line

We believe it's important for our corporate employees to understand every aspect of the business – from the way we greet our guests to the manner in which we prepare our food. That's why employees across our brands are encouraged to spend time serving our guests in Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes restaurants in their communities.

Experience spending time in-restaurant provides our employees with a chance to live our brands from the perspective of team members and guests, and garner an understanding of the opportunities, challenges, business patterns and needs of our restaurant owners.

Performance Management

Our performance management process has been designed to closely align individual objectives to business objectives in a cohesive way across the organization, and to develop and reward employees for their contributions. Over and above regular performance conversations, twice a year, we conduct ‘talent assessments’ that identify employee strengths, and areas for development across a consistent competency framework in order to develop and support employees as they grow their careers with us.


At RBI, we see engagement as an outcome of a great employee experience that is centered around our talent. We take a holistic look at the employee life-cycle and aim to ensure we live our values in everything that we do. As a result, it’s important that our people are positioned for success from day one. From having the right tools and technology for their role, to access to learning and development resources, to establishing collaborative relationships across the company—this and much more creates a healthy workforce that is engaged and ready to achieve the extraordinary. Central to our approach is feedback. We believe that open and honest communication is important in creating trust and taking smart action. That’s why we offer various opportunities and vehicles for our people to share their thoughts. From two-way engagement to regular surveys, we care about what our people think and use their insights to influence our strategy.


To support the health and wellness of our employees around the world, we benchmark our offering of corporate employee benefits annually to ensure they remain relevant and competitive within their respective geographic market. We have also developed a global wellness calendar that includes education and activities throughout the year, some of which include:

  • Annual health fair in our US office that provides, among other things, biometric screenings (glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and BMI), carotid artery screenings for blockage and thickness of artery wall, and flu shots
  • Preferential rates for gym memberships in Canada and a gym discount program in the US, as well as a state-of-the-art on-site gym with fitness classes that are free for all employees in the US.
  • A health plan for US employees that covers fertility treatments and certain occupational health benefits (speech pathology, etc.)
  • Employee Assistance Programs (psychiatric/psychological/counseling) are now offered to all employees across the organization.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, our telehealth program is available globally for all employees at no cost.
  • We also offer access to an employee discount program for Canada and US employees.

As part of our continuing commitment to our employees and their families, we uphold a Parental Leave Policy for our field operations and corporate employees, globally. The highlights of the policy include:

  • 16 weeks of 100 percent paid leave for employees who give birth, adopt a baby who is 6 months or younger or become a parent of a baby through surrogacy; and
  • 6 weeks of 100 percent paid leave for employees whose spouse/partner gives birth, and for employees who adopt a child who is older than 6 months.