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Our Vision
At RBI, our big dream is to build the most loved restaurant brands in the world.
RBI Commitment to Diversity
Our Values

Core to our vision of building the most loved restaurant brands in the world are the values that guide our work, our actions and our interactions each and every day as a company. At RBI, we believe:

  • Dream Big: Life is too short for small dreams
  • Ownership: You value things more when you own them
  • Meritocracy: Your growth is based entirely on what you do and how you do it
  • Diversity: A wide range of voices and perspectives make us stronger
  • Creativity & Innovation: Find ways to do things differently to make them better
  • Authenticity: Be a hard-working, good person
RBI Commitment to Diversity
Our Employee Value Proposition

Big Dream: We are driven by a big dream, working together to build the most loved restaurant brands in the world.

Big Responsibility: We believe in quick service without compromises. That means quality, real ingredients, social purpose and accountability for what we put into the world.

Growth: We have over 30,000 locations in 100+ countries with plans to reach more than 40,000 locations in the coming years. This growth, coupled with our culture of meritocracy, creates opportunities for all of us.

Hard Working Good People: We attract diverse and driven talent, who are the owners of our vision. We are hard working people – and fundamentally good at our core.

Hospitality Culture: We get excited to welcome hundreds of millions of people to our restaurants every year – in all of the languages, countries and communities that we serve around the planet.

Real Ownership: We help our teams become actual owners of our business, with compensation that allows us to acquire substantial share ownership as our responsibilities and contributions grow. We are trusted to own and deliver on our area of the business as partners – not just as employees.