People & Communities

Our Approach

Our people and culture are a differentiating driver for our business that we aim to cultivate while we operate as a responsible member of the communities our business impacts. The key areas of focus within the people & communities pillar are: supporting communities, talent development, diversity and inclusion, ethics and human rights, and improving supplier livelihoods. Our commitment and progress for each of these areas can be found in the dashboard below.

Supporting communities:

With over 27,000 restaurants around the globe, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Tim Hortons, Burger King, Popeyes, or Firehouse Subs in your neighborhood. When guests love our brands, we become a part of their lives, and have an opportunity to play a big role in their local communities. Along with our restaurant owners, we are committed to strengthening and giving back to the communities we serve through our brand foundations and by supporting local programs and issues that are close to our guests’ hearts.

Talent development:

In an increasingly competitive job market and in order to remain an employer of choice, we recognize the importance of recruiting and retaining the best talent, and supporting them to build the most loved restaurant brands in the world. While our learning and development team enables training and access to role-specific resources, our People Business Partners work closely with managers across the business to provide opportunities for career growth in our employees. We offer wellness programs, competitive benefits, and our talent intelligence team measures workforce engagement and satisfaction on a regular basis to ensure our people are motivated and enabled to do their best work.

Diversity and inclusion:

A diversity of perspectives makes us better in serving the diverse guests who come into our restaurants each and every day. In our corporate offices, we have seen time and again that when we add more voices and different perspectives to any discussion, we end up with better outcomes, more thoughtful decisions and a more engaging, inclusive culture for our employees. That’s why diversity is one of our core values at RBI, and why we are taking action to become more diverse and foster a culture of inclusion that celebrates our unique strengths, perspectives and talents every day. Our philosophy on diversity and inclusion also extends to our communities, our franchisees, and suppliers. It’s about creating a positive ecosystem that is positioned to thrive together.

Ethics and human rights:

“Doing what’s right” means that our key business strategies are led with the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity. We touch the lives of millions of people across our restaurant owners’ operations, our supply chains, and our corporate offices, so we have a key role to protect human rights, safe workplaces, and fair labour practises across our business. We recognize this can be challenging across over 100 countries where we do business, and we remain committed to upholding our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for our employees around the world, and our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for Vendors globally.

Improving supplier livelihoods:

Our suppliers are a critical part of the ecosystem supporting our business, and so the long-term sustainability of their operations is important to ours as well. We are committed to supporting the success of the farmers who raise, grow and produce our quality ingredients by working with industry partners to research, share and scale best practices that increase productivity and efficiency while protecting land, livestock and livelihoods into the future.

Performance Summary: People & Communities

Supporting Communities

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Our brands are committed to contributing time, talent and funds to build up the communities they serve.

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps: Established in 1974 in honour of Tim Horton's love for children, its signature camp-based programs are intentionally designed to help youth from low-income homes discover the strengths existing within themselves.

Tim Hortons Community Initiatives: Tim Hortons restaurant owners proudly support their communities through programs like Tim Hortons Smile Cookie - raising funds for local charities, and Timbits Minor Sports - which supports children to play minor league soccer, hockey, and other sports across Canada and the US.

Burger KingSM Foundation: The foundation’s mission is to create brighter futures by empowering individuals and feeding potential through education and emergency relief. As a global organization, the Foundation partners with select non-profits focusing on scholarships, literacy and creating sustainable learning environments.

The Popeyes Foundation: The mission of The Popeyes Foundation is to strengthen communities with food and support in times of need.


In 2020, our brands supported communities through COVID-19. Click to learn more.

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps: During Camp Day 2020, restaurant owners and guests raised nearly $11 million CAD for the foundation, which has supported more than 295,000 youth from disadvantaged circumstances over the past four decades.

2020 Smile Cookie Campaign: In 2020, Tim Hortons restaurant owners raised nearly $11 million CAD in just one week for more than 550 charities, hospitals and community groups in Canada and the US.

Timbits Minor Sports Program: In 2020, nearly 400,000 registered to be supported by Tim Hortons restaurant owners through the Timbits minor sports program across Canada and the US.

Burger KingSM Foundation:
Since inception in 2005, has supported nearly 850,000 children and families through education programs and employee emergency relief grants.

Burger King Scholars Program: Since 2000, Burger King has provided $45 million USD in scholarships to over 40,000 deserving high school seniors and Burger King corporate and franchisee employees.

The Popeyes Foundation: In 2019, The Popeyes Foundation donated $135,000 USD to No Kid Hungry, which helped provide children in the United States with up to 1.3 million meals. In 2020, we donated over $650,000 and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Talent Development

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Recruit and support the best talent to build the most loved restaurant brands in the world.


We believe that we never stop growing. That's why we offer continuous learning opportunities for our people throughout their career journey—on the job, professional development programs, upskilling, formal education and on-demand resources.

We create a positive environment where people are competitively rewarded for their contributions, are given opportunities to lead, take risks, create and innovate. As a result, we're an agile company that always values the insights of our employees. We hear feedback, take action and adjust to continuously offer a good experience and help drive the success of our teams.

Our wellness approach addresses the whole person. Financial, mental, and physical health are important for us to thrive and be at our best. We have various offerings throughout the globe to help support our people.

Diversity and Inclusion

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We are committed to making our company more diverse; creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging where we demonstrate the importance of diversity; and not tolerating harassment, racism, bias or barriers to advancement.


In 2020, we published RBI’s Commitment to Diversity, which includes 10 actions for becoming more diverse. Learn more about our progress here.

Achieve a score of 100% for Restaurant Brands International in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI), recognizing the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.


Restaurant Brands International achieved a score of 100% in the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) 2021 Report.

Ethics and Human Rights

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Respect and uphold human rights and ethical business practises across our business.


We remain committed to our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for employees, as well as our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for Vendors which addresses guidelines for working conditions. The Vendor Code guidelines include wages, benefits, and working hours in compliance with laws, no forced labour, no child labour, freedom of association, and a safe working environment.

Improving Supplier Livelihoods

Support the success of the farmers who raise, grow and produce our quality ingredients. Work with industry partners to research, share and scale best practices that increase productivity and efficiency while protecting land, livestock and livelihoods into the future.


As of 2020, the Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership (THCP) has worked with nearly 30,000 farmers and their families, of which over 7,000 farmers are women. This work has resulted in over 28,000 hectares of land under sustainable management in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Tanzania and the strengthening of over 200 producer organizations. In addition, over 4,800 young adults in coffee growing communities have been reached through the Generations program where they gain exposure and skills training in a broad array of local career opportunities.