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Reporting Approach

We are committed to communicating our performance regularly and transparently. As such, the Restaurant Brands for Good section of our website is designed to be updated at least annually, and we also publish annual summaries of progress and report against external frameworks, including GRI and SASB, in addition to reporting our greenhouse gas emissions and climate action strategy through the annual CDP Climate survey.

Reporting Scope

Unless otherwise specified, information in these webpages pertains to Restaurant Brands International and its subsidiaries for fiscal year 2022 (January to December). References to “restaurants” or “system-wide restaurants” include franchised restaurants and those owned by us. Information in these webpages also excludes all operations in Russia, where the business is fully franchised and does not receive corporate support from RBI. Statements on our Restaurant Brands for Good website are based on information and assumptions available at the time of publication. We have relied on third-party sources, including vendors, for accuracy and completeness. All dollar amounts are in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise stated.

Reporting Boundaries

Our Franchisees and vendors are independent business owners who make decisions for their own organizations, while maintaining core standards for our brand and customer satisfaction. We work in collaboration with them to raise awareness of ESG topics and offer tools and opportunities for improvement. Together, we set objectives, monitor progress, and engage in shared innovation.

Contact Information

For questions regarding Restaurant Brands for Good and our reporting, please contact sustainability@rbi.com.