Quality Ingredients

High-Quality Ingredients

Our brands continue to make substantial changes to their menus to source delicious, quality ingredients. This includes removing ingredients from artificial sources wherever possible, freshly preparing the food you love in our restaurants, and sourcing ingredients locally whenever we can.

Our Strategy

Quality Ingredients and Fresh Preparation

In the US, Burger King has banned 120 artificial ingredients from the food menu and is working toward offering a permanent food menu that is free of colours, flavours, and preservatives from artificial sources, wherever possible.

We are also working to improve the ingredients in the food we serve to our guests around the world. At Burger King restaurants globally, we’ve made similar ingredients changes in the Whopper Sandwich in 48 countries:

Whopper Recipe Updates Around the World

1Compliant with our global ingredients policy, banning over 120 artificial ingredients

Our policy at Burger King globally is that the Whopper sandwich is always prepared to order – and tomatoes and onions are sliced fresh every day.

At Tim Hortons Canada, we’re committed to brewing fresh original blend coffee every 20 minutes, and introduced freshly cracked eggs across the country as of February 2021. In 2020, we removed artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives from the English Muffin and Biscuit and are working towards having a menu that will also be free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

At Popeyes around the world, our chicken is marinated for at least twelve hours in bold and flavorful Louisiana seasonings, freshly breaded, then hand-battered and fried with a crispy, shatter crunch texture. Popeyes iconic chicken sandwich is handcrafted using just four simple ingredients: crispy buttermilk chicken marinated in bold Louisiana seasonings, premium mayonnaise, barrel cured pickles and a buttered and toasted brioche bun. At Popeyes US, we’re working towards offering a menu that is free from colours and flavours from artificial sources by 2025, wherever possible.

Local Sourcing

Our teams are always looking to source key ingredients domestically, wherever possible.

  • At Tim Hortons Canada, milk, cream, butter, cheese, eggs, as well as potatoes for hash browns and wedges are from Canada
  • For Popeyes US, all chicken and eggs for batter come from American farms. Red beans are grown in Colorado, Nebraska and Wisconsin
  • 100% of the chicken used in nuggets and potatoes used in fries at Burger King France are from France
  • 100% of chicken used in Hungry Jacks restaurants are raised by Aussie farmers, on Aussie farms

Ingredient Policies

Going beyond standard regulatory compliance, our brands are in the process of expanding their ingredient and nutrition policies with specific requirements of mandatory compliancy for suppliers of those brands.

In addition to these brand specific ingredient and nutrition policies, we require that all Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes approved products globally must be free of partially hydrogenated oils. Globally, cooking oil and ingredients must be designated as trans-fat free or containing zero trans-fat, as applicable per local or national legislation.