Our Approach

At Restaurant Brands International, protecting the planet for future generations and for the sustainability of our business is paramount. Areas of focus within the planet pillar are: climate action, packaging and recycling, green buildings, and responsible sourcing. Our commitments and progress for each of these areas can be found in the dashboard below.

Climate Action:

Climate change is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues facing our society, with consequences affecting our guests, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders around the world. As one of the largest quick-service restaurant companies globally, we have an opportunity and an obligation to address climate change head on and do our part to help reduce its harmful effects.

Our ambition is to become part of the solution. That means reducing our emissions at scale and investing in protecting and regenerating natural ecosystems that play a role in absorbing or storing carbon. We’ve set ambitious science-based targets to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are now focused on refining and executing our abatement strategy.

Packaging and Recycling:

Packaging helps us safely and conveniently serve our guests the food they love, but we know that packaging and plastic waste is threatening the health of our planet and we have a responsibility to help solve this challenge. Working closely with our suppliers, we are innovating to reduce our use of packaging, transition to more sustainable materials and help our guests to reuse and recycle.

Green Buildings:

With four restaurant support centers and over 27,000 locations around the world, Restaurant Brands International and our brands are working to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. In order to help our restaurant owners minimize their environmental footprints, our restaurant design teams are developing new building standards that incorporate the use of leading industry products and practices focused on reducing usage of water, energy, and waste, in both new restaurants and updates to our existing locations.

Responsible Sourcing:

Food production can be resource intensive and environmentally impactful, which is why we’re committed to responsibly sourcing the food we serve. Our commitment extends to our supply chain and the people, land and animals that may be impacted by our business. Participation in multi-stakeholder roundtables and active engagement with our suppliers supports industry wide advancements of sustainable sourcing practices for our priority commodities. At the same time, our quality assurance and supply chain teams work together to develop and uphold responsible sourcing standards through the procurement process.