The Burger KingSM Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2005 in honor of co-founder James “Jim” McLamore to create brighter futures by empowering individuals and feeding potential through education and emergency relief. The Burger King Foundation is a non-profit organization, and a leader in education, active in 36 countries around the world. Since inception, nearly 850,000 children and families have been supported through education programs and employee emergency relief grants.

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Advancing Education through Investment

In North America, the Burger King Scholars program provides scholarships to deserving high school seniors and Burger King employees. Scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $50,000 and have supported more than 40,000 students with $45 million USD since 2000. Scholars are selected based on academics and community service/work experience. The program is supported each year by franchisees, vendors, and guests in our Burger King communities; every dollar raised in Burger King restaurants goes directly to fund local scholarships.

Each year, the top three student applicants receive the James W. McLamore Whopper Scholarship Award of $50,000 funded generously by the McLamore Family Foundation.

The Foundation also awards $50,000 in scholarships to the top student winners of the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation’s National ProStart Invitational. A $1,000 BK Scholars award goes to each of the students in the top 5 teams in both the culinary and restaurant management teams.

In 2019, the Foundation partnered with the Posse Foundation awarding $100,000 to form the Burger King Scholars Honor Roll. Students awarded receive full tuition to attend college and represent deserving student from diverse and underserved backgrounds.

Advancing Education with Infrastructure

Globally, the Burger KingSM Foundation partners with select non-profits to support education, focusing on literacy and youth development. We’ve completed more than 200 learning projects around the world including building schools, libraries, funding curriculum, and supporting education for students in rural communities.

Supporting Our Families in Emergency

The Burger King Family Fund provides individual grants to our employees when they need it most. Grants support families during emergencies and hardship situations such as natural disasters, house fires, illness or death. Since 2005 we’ve granted over $2 million dollars in emergency relief through the BK Family Fund to our employees.

Stories from the Field

“I am so grateful to have been a recipient of this scholarship as it will greatly help me advance my education as I will place my scholarship towards my goals as I am hoping to pursue getting my education after community college. I am planning on joining the honors program at my community college to be able to continue the best academic rigor that will be able to prepare me to transfer to a great university after.”

“My greatest goal is to be able to be the first in my family to graduate college and throughout high school, I always tried to push myself to pursue rigorous academia, as I want to always fully use all opportunities I have available to be able to discover my strengths. This scholarship will be able to aid me in receiving all the materials I need such as textbooks, school supplies and cover my transportation.”

“This scholarship has contributed to the empowerment I have felt when it comes to my education, the greatest obstacle for me and my family is the high cost. That was the reasoning for me having to go to community first. But having Burger King believe in me is amazing because it makes me feel that I have the abilities to succeed as long as I continue putting my best effort towards my passion, then I will continue on my path towards my degree.

Chavely Garcia, La Habra, CA – Fullerton College, Business

Employee Recipient

“My number one treasure in life is my education, which this scholarship has helped further. Through poverty, and being raised by a single parent, the one thing that was clear was that I was a bright girl, and it was the only way I could make a better way for my family and I. As a result, I worked hard to become the 5.2 scholar I am today. I decided to involve myself in sports, clubs, and challenge myself with AP’s and Dual enrollment classes. Now as a graduating senior I’m flourishing, I’m in the top 10 percent of my class and have been accepted to all my dream schools. With the help of your scholarship, all my work is being paid off. I’m so happy you thought me worthy of being a Burger King Scholar, and just want to say thank you.”

Kimberly Ogun, Brandon, FL – University of Miami, Pre-Medicine

High School Senior

“This scholarship will be put to excellent use. My family struggles financially, and so we knew college was going to be a stress on our finances. However, with a Burger King Scholarship, I am able to ease the way to my higher education. Throughout high school, I have taken the initiative to participate in numerous extra-curriculars, even pushing to create opportunities for myself. For example, I pushed the limits of my choir experience by asking to compose music for my choir to sing. This drive and perseverance will carry through to my college experience, and I hope to continue to test my boundaries.”

Tate Russell, Colfax, WI – Carleton College, Biochemistry/Music

High School Senior